School Council

At SPS, we believe that everyone should have a voice. Our School Council meetings involve representatives from Junior and Senior Sections both. The children join a School Council group made up of children and everyone has an opportunity to share their thoughts and views.

What is the School Council?

An inclusive, structured, meeting time for discussion and decision-making. An opportunity for children to raise issues and concerns. An opportunity for staff to consult all pupils.

Why have a School Council ?

To help children develop responsible attitudes. To improve behaviour. To create a feeling of belonging, encourage listening to others and develop self-confidence. To improve pupil/teacher relationships. To give children hands-on experience of curriculum issues including PSHE and Citizenship

How does the School Council work?

Teacher leads the meetings each week. Children are encouraged to listen to each other, respond to questions and share their ideas with the group. The agenda for every meeting is the same each week: 1. Successes 2. Learning Points 3. Problems and Solutions At the end of the meeting, two representatives are chosen to attend the Reps Meeting, which is held sometime during the same week with Mrs Thomas, the Head Teacher. The meetings run on a two-week cycle. Issues are discussed in the first week, which are then discussed with the representatives in the Reps meeting and solutions and actions are agreed. In the second week of the School Council cycle, the issues arising from each group are shared, including the outcomes from the Reps meeting.